Our expertise

GL events Audiovisual is composed of a dedicated team of technical experts and specialists in the fields of sound, light, video, stage structures, simultaneous interpretation, heating, air conditioning and electrical distribution; mastering all the know-how necessary for the technical implementation of your project. This skilled team, with a wealth of experience, is perfectly qualified in the management of any project.

Regularly trained in new technologies, they manage lighting and image processing projects in their entirety as well as the technical constraints related to electrical distribution and energy production. This team plays a decisive role in the choice of products, creation of concepts, implementation of technical devices, and in the management and implementation of the project.

Support from A to Z in your project:

Advice, project design


Design and manufacturing


Project monitoring





An active network of temporary workers in the entertainment industry 

We work in collaboration with an active network of more than 1,000 temporary workers in the entertainment industry and subcontractors, experienced and regularly trained in the techniques and know-how of our activities.

These temporary workers have a perfect knowledge of our company and our teams: they are familiar with our equipment stock, the type of events we serve, our work processes, our quality standards, and the safety rules to be respected.