Sound solutions

As an information medium, sound is an integral part of any event and contributes to the comfort of speakers and visitors. Whether it is for a concert, a political meeting, an international conference or a trade show, sound is an element not to be neglected during events.

Whatever the acoustic quality of the venue and the specific needs of your event (multiple sources, travelling sound, etc.), our technicians and sound engineers provide qualified solutions.


  • Sound systems for cultural, sporting and political events
  • Sound systems for live shows
  • Sound systems for trade fairs and stands
  • Sound systems for conferences, conventions, seminars 

We hire out and install quality sound equipment such as speakers, control rooms, mixing consoles, amplifiers etc.


Create your sound environment for any type of service


Analogue or digital amplifiers and pre-amplifiers for headphones or sound systems of all kinds.


All the cables and connections required for the correct functioning of the sound equipment. 

Player and recording

CD players, CD burners, multi-track stations…

Analogue consoles

Analogue consoles and mixing tables with a wide choice of channels, effects and configurations.

Digital consoles

Digital consoles and mixing tables with a wide choice of channels, effects and configurations ​


Pre-amps, interfaces and peripherals to facilitate the management of a large number of sources.



Wide choice of lapel, dynamic, static, wired or wireless microphones and accessories.  


Speakers and monitors for the studio or for live events and live shows both indoors and outdoors, amplified or not according to requirements, on stands or hanging. 


Full 2-wire or 4-wire analogue or digital intercom systems for all types of needs and events, wired or wireless.


HF links

Transmitting and receiving devices for high frequency sound recording.

Security sound

Sound reinforcement systems to alert the public appropriately in emergency situations.


Various peripheral devices enabling sound equalisation, or the addition of effects for example.