Both technical and decorative, lighting is an essential element to enhance your event spaces.
Thanks to a wide choice of products, a large quantity of stock for rental, the design and realisation of customised lighting systems, the delivery, the installation and the technical assistance offered, you will find the perfect solution for your requirements.
Depending on the surface to be illuminated, the surrounding luminosity and the ambience desired, our teams will support you with reliable and operational solutions.


LED spotlights  

LED spotlights on a rail. The rail provides an option to add extra spots.

Offset frame

Projectors on a offset frame for partitions with grey steel conduits.
Metal-halide lamp projectors, provides a high efficiency, dense and quality lighting. Often used to showcase stores and products. The frame provides an option to add extra spotlights.

LED bar

The LED bar provides diffuse, intense and instant white lighting.
Specialised for mood lighting or lighting a stand.

Spotlight with arm

The spotlight with arm is used to adjust the lighting surface. The R7S halogen bulb provides white, powerful and very bright lighting.

Recessed spotlight

The recessed spotlight provides brilliant directional natural lighting, superior to that of incandescent spotlights of the same type, specially designed to create shadow and light effects.

LED bar

An LED bar is suitable for stands of 6 to 12 m². Made from recyclable materials.
Ergonomic design/autonomous replacement of the diffuser to change the ambience.


Illuminated balloon

Illuminated balloon, offers decorative, original and customisable lighting. Thanks to its integrated fan and self-inflating system, it is very fast to set up and very stable. Its telescopic foot allows the height of the balloon to be adjusted up to 5.5 m high and its outer layer is customisable to adapt to all your needs.

Waterproof projector

Waterproof halogen projector. Halogen bulbs produce a warm light close to natural light and with very good colour rendition.

Emergency unit, safety signage

Self-contained Emergency Lighting Units (BAES) are units designed to illuminate and indicate the exits (emergency exits) using lighting, in various types of establishments. BAES are used for emergency signage and lighting in service sector facilities, public buildings and premises where workers are present. 

Strip light

Waterproof fluorescent strip light ideal for humid rooms or rooms with problematic conditions such as a garage, cellar, workshop, exterior shelter, factory ... Powerful lighting and guaranteed quality. Because of its length, the tube produces a diffuse and uniform light that reduces shadows.