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 The success of an event goes through the comfort too, that’s why our energy experts work hand-in-hand with organizers and contractors to provide a global performance of quality, down to the smallest details. Whether the event is small or big-scale, indoor or outdoor, in favorable or extreme conditions, they will know how to compose with every form of constraint to transform your event into a privileged moment, fully successful. For the best result, we provide tailor-made energy solutions, discreet, at the cutting edge of technology, eco-friendly and really adapted to your needs.

Comfort for your event

Even if it is not visible, electrical distribution, heating, air-conditioning and lighting, bring comfort and serenity during your events. Indeed, an appropriate electrical power supply is essential to create an unforgettable show, but also to power the heating and air-conditioning equipment that will provide a comfortable temperature for the visitors, whatever the climate outside. Our experts and technicians will know how to take care of these factors, thanks to 30 years experience and a dedicated study office, to offer you adapted solutions to every type of delivery whatever the season, volume and nature of the building.


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