Video solutions

To enliven your event and give it more impact, many video solutions are available to you, from the simplest to the most complex: from the installation of LED screens in your reception area to the installation of a panoramic video projection system or even recording and broadcasting a video of your event. At your side, our experts define the video configuration best suited to your event and its objective. 

  • Broadcasting media: video projection, LED LCD screens, daylight walls and more.
  • Design of graphic wraps
  • IT solutions
  • Video recordings: TV set, multi-camera

Cameras & Camera control rooms

Professional cameras (podium, mobile or fixed, on feet or turrets) with a wide choice of optics and correctors, and camera control rooms with production station, control units, monitors, mixers, configurable according to requirements. 

Projection screen

Canvas projection screens, fixed-frame or portable, easily transportable and of various dimensions. Glass projection surface also available for optimal rendering even in a brightly-lit space.

LCD/LED screens

LCD, LED or plasma on a stand, hanging or daylight screens, of any size, for permanent installations or one-off events.


Graphics cards, computers, routers, media interfaces, live streaming systems, touch pads and innovative broadcast systems.


Converters, distributors, multi-viewers, switchers and IPTV systems.

LCD monitors

Varied selection of video monitors of different sizes for control room, studio, production, editing…  

Info/video switcher

Devices to quickly and easily switch from one screen to another, or from one video source to another.

Sources & recording

Player-recorders, with real-time encoding and software available, for all types of analogue and digital video inputs and outputs. 

Server media system

To easily and centrally organise the control of video distribution of media, manage different screens or projectors live on a physical interface or software.


Wide range of projectors for all types of event-based, scenographic or architectural requirements: 4K, DLP, HD, LCD…